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Supply Chain Risk Management

COVID-19: how does your company manage the actual crisis?

In an environment of continuously rising uncertainties in globalized supply chains the relevance of superior SC Risk Management becomes obvious. The SIG SC Risk Management asked for: How does your company manage supply chain risks? How does your company manage uncertainties? 

Some companies have identified very early the risks than others. Some companies did better understand the root causes than others. Some companies were better prepared than others to mitigate the risk. Some companies were very well prepared to respond to the this and other events. And others are still scrambling ...

The SIG Supply Risk Management is an open platform to share best practice, to benchmark and to develop tools and methods in a community of interested  people and companies.

Survey for SMEs < 249 Employees

Take your time and fill out the survey from HEG Arc for Small and Medium size Companies 

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Survey for big international companies > 250 Employees

Take your time and fill out the survey from IPG GROUP for Big International Companies