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The VNL offers different memberships for the Special Interest Groups


1) Interested People

You will be informed regularly about the activities of the group, you will be invited to the events,  surveys and trainings. You will get survey documentation when participating. Please register as VNL member to the SIG and you will get regular information by our news letter. 

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2) SIG Membership

You will have access to our documentation, regular experience exchange meetings and think tanks. You will discuss your individual result of the surveys as a benchmark with experts. Your benefit is the usage of advanced knowledge and strong experience exchange in the peer group.

3) Project Member

Members can be an active participant of an innovation project, developing advanced tools and methodologies to improve Supply Chain Risk Management. You benefit from SCM research result and advanced technologies used for. Your are part of the implementation of the prototype solution and therefore you will get competitive advantage by innovation. The participation in PPP (public private partnership) projects is not mandatory. But the projects  benefit from max. 50% public funding. Projects consists of at least 1 academic partner and at least 2 industry partner (application & implementation). The individual contribution to the project cost are about 10'000 CHF. Project duration about 18 month.

Project Member

SIG Membership

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Interested People

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