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Quick Scan Audit Methodology (QSAM)

To assess the current performance of an organization’s supply chain and identify potential improvement opportunities.

QSAM is a powerful methodology originally developed to examine the health of an individual supply chain, as a way of understanding and documenting the business process. QSAM has already been tested in many companies worldwide.

QSAM has the goal to diagnose the “healthy status” of a supply chain within one week using a team of 4 researchers. For companies, QSAM is a very convenient way to save resources and get a detailed overview fast. In fact, researchers need 2.5 days at the company itself to analyze the business process.

QSAM requires only a few steps for analyzing which can be seen in the following table:

Kick Off: Identification of representative processes, purpose, and content of QSAM (0.5 days at company):

  • Interview partner

  • Selection of leading questions

  • Get to know the company and their processes

  • brief company tour


Investigation of current supply chain status (1day at company)

  • Complete question sheets

  • Draw material and information flow for selected processes

  • Execution of Interviews


Quick analysis of possible supply chain barriers (1 day within research project team)

  • Discussion of consolidated findings

  • Identification and discussion of possible assumptions concerning barriers

  • Ascertainment of goods for further investigations


Data collection of evaluated barriers (1 day at company)

  • Collection of documents

  • Execution of detail interviews


Analysis of collected data and results (1 day within research project team)

  • Verifying and quantifying of good and bad habits

  • Identification of real barriers

  • Analysis of cause and effect relations of barriers

  • Cause analysis

  • Development and Evaluation for room of improvement

  • Selection of main improvements concerning high potential


Final and feedback presentation (0.5 days at company)

  • Presenting of final results at company

  • Discussion of results and possible next steps

  • Definition of action plan


QSAM shows up two major results. Firstly, the company will get an action plan and recommended procedures for identified potentials.

Secondly, the company collects a detailed overview of research data and information for further investigation. More than 17 automotive industry partners have been scanned and show results for not only given barriers but unused potential. QSAM delivers not valuable information only for industry partners.

Furthermore, the Logistikum Altdorf operates within a high level network of University partners. Already existing research work in the field of Supply Chain Design/ Supply Chain Diagnostics will be extended. This research gap will be closed by identifying current issues and problems at the company itself, before using the developed model for critical partners.


QSAM helps to select and structure company processes in advance. The project team in Altdorf will gain valuable information and knowledge identifying basic problems, using a detailed analysis to convey room for improvement. Ideally industry experience and joint research activities related to QSAM activities Logistikum will result in publications in high-quality journals.